Introducing Demir Vangelov as Soylent’s next CEO

Soylent started as a movement. In 2013, there was scarcely any innovation or attention to one of the world's most important product sectors: our food. Today, innovative food companies are performing record-breaking IPOs, new retailers are raising massive growth rounds, and food, agriculture, and ingredient technologies are some of the most disruptive startups in the ecosystem. But we still have a lot of work to do to fulfill Soylent’s mission of nutrition for all.

Today we are making some changes at the company. We are renewing our commitment to being transparent, authentic and science-driven, all while putting the customer first.  To do this we are going to re-focus on our core products. We will be improving our current product line as well as bringing some truly innovative ideas off the shelf and into the market, and we will be improving our prices by focusing on quality over quantity when it comes to distribution and marketing.

We’re excited to share that Demir Vangelov, formerly CFO of Soylent, has been promoted to the position of CEO. We would like to thank Bryan Crowley for his immense contributions to the company. Demir has been with Soylent in the trenches for almost two years serving as its CFO and then COO. He has reliably gone above and beyond the call of duty to solve problems anywhere and everywhere between the factory and the customer.  He brings two decades of senior leadership experience working with some of the most impactful food and beverage companies, including Califia Farms and Oberto Brands. Demir is one of the finest executives I have had the privilege of working with and he is the right person to lead Soylent today.

Demir and I are committed to transparent and regular communication with our community.  You can expect to hear from me again soon, and to see great things from the company.

Rob Rhinehart
Chairman of the Board