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Frequently Asked Questions
Are you trying to replace food that I love?

No! We love food! In fact, we love food so much, we never want you to eat a disappointing meal again. That’s where we come in, to save you from soggy sandwiches and lukewarm microwave egg breakfast products. You’re welcome.

How do I use Soylent?

Soylent was created to provide you with a complete meal in an easy-to-use format. While not intended to replace every meal, Soylent can replace any meal. Enjoy our full line of food products as a meal or a snack between your meals, it’s entirely up to you.

We suggest starting the use of Soylent products with a single meal or two per week, then increasing your intake over subsequent weeks. This will allow your body to adjust to a new food source. Once you are acclimated to Soylent, you can customize your intake to your liking.

What is one serving of Soylent?

Everyone has different needs in their diet, so we created Soylent to be modular. The average adult requires 2,000 calories per day.* Each of our products is formulated to provide one 400 calorie meal. That means each bottle of Soylent Drink or Cafe is 400 calories, and each prepared serving of Soylent Powder is equal to 400 calories. If you need a larger meal, or a smaller snack, you can always prepare more or less than one serving, or adjust your intake of Drink, Cafe, or Powder accordingly.

*Not everyone needs 2,000 calories a day. The nutritional needs of an individual vary based on size, age, and activity level.

How do I prepare a serving of Soylent Powder?

Our favorite way to get the best taste and texture is using a blender and chilling the mixed product for 20 minutes. But using a shaker bottle works really well too!

Helpful how-to for using a shaker bottle...

1. Mix. For an 8oz serving, mix ½ cup (60g) of Soylent with 1 cup of water. For a 12oz serving, mix ⅔ cup (90g) of Soylent with 1½ cup of water. Each scoop of powder is approximately ⅓ cup, if you’re using a Soylent Scoop. For exact measurements, use a scale and measure by weight.

2. Shake. Use a shaker bottle or blender. Prepare with ice or chill before serving.

3. Drink. Store any unfinished, mixed Soylent in the fridge. Consume within two days.

Can Soylent help me improve my diet?

Soylent is not designed as a diet program, but is designed to provide roughly 20% daily recommended micronutrients* (based on an average 2000 calorie diet), plus a balance of fats, carbs, and plant-based protein. It is modular nutrition that can fit into a variety of diets. If you choose to replace less nutritious meals with Soylent, it may help improve your overall diet.

It is important to stress that every person’s nutritional requirements are different and there is no one-size-fits-all plan for a healthy diet. For more information on a healthy diet, please consult a professional such as a registered dietician or your doctor.

*See product pages for complete nutrition facts.

How do I incorporate Soylent into my diet?

We don’t want you to think of Soylent as an all-or-nothing proposition, a diet plan, or a trendy cleanse. Instead, think of Soylent as an antidote for the “Food Void.” A food void is any time you’re stuck without access to a good, quality meal. We’re not trying to replace the meals you love, but rather to save you from dining on a vending machine lunch or spending $10 on a limp salad.

Most people find success replacing a few meals a week — often starting with breakfasts (have you tried our Cafe line?), or keeping a few bottles of Soylent on hand for when life gets busy. Some use Soylent for just about every meal, except when dining out or with friends, while others grab a bottle from the store when they’re on the go. See what works best for you!

Can I lose weight drinking Soylent?

Soylent is not designed as a weight loss tool. While some people incorporate Soylent into their diets for any number of weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance reasons, Soylent should simply be looked at as a 400 calorie complete meal.

Every person’s nutritional requirements are different, and Soylent has been designed to represent roughly 20% of a 2000 calorie diet as laid out for the average person by the FDA. For more information on a healthy diet, please consult a professional such as a registered dietician or your doctor.

How do I store Soylent?

Opened bottles of Soylent Ready-to-Drink products must be kept refrigerated (40℉ or below) and consumed within 48 hours.

Prepared Soylent Powder (i.e. mixed with water or other ingredients) must be kept refrigerated (40℉ or below) and consumed within 48 hours. Please consume or discard any blended powder that was chilled within two days. If your stored powder, or blended product, smells or tastes “off,” the product has likely expired.

Wondering about storing unopened Soylent Powder? An unprepared and unopened bag should last for a year from its expiration date if stored properly. An unprepared and open bag should be tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dark place away from harsh conditions.

Is the packaging recyclable?

- Cardboard shipping boxes and outer cases are recyclable

- Soylent pouches can be recycled at certain film-plastic recycling stations

- Bottled Soylent Drink and Cafe bottles, caps, and sleeves are recyclable

- The foil seals on bottle Soylent Drink and Cafe products are not recyclable

Contact your local recycling station for restrictions.

I have IBS/IBD, can I drink Soylent?

The gastrointestinal comfort of Soylent has not yet been officially tested or evaluated for those living with IBS or an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. Until we perform more precise testing, we can only recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional before adding Soylent to your diet.

Can I give Soylent to my child?

While no ingredient in Soylent is dangerous to children, Soylent is formulated for the nutritional needs of an average adult. Because children have different nutritional requirements than adults, we can not recommend that any child use Soylent as a significant part of their diet. Please consult with your child’s doctor before introducing your child to Soylent.

Can I drink Soylent while pregnant or nursing?

While no ingredient in Soylent is dangerous to pregnant or nursing mothers, Soylent is formulated for the nutritional needs of an average adult. Because pregnant, nursing mothers, and their children have different nutritional requirements than the average adult, we cannot recommend that any pregnant woman or nursing mother use Soylent as a significant part of their diet. As always, please consult with your doctor before consuming Soylent.

What do you mean by "Complete Meal?"

Soylent’s nutritional makeup is complex and comprehensive. It contains the elements of a nutritious diet while limiting the amounts of less desirable dietary components.

Keep in mind that, while Soylent can replace any meal, it is not intended to replace every meal.

What makes Soylent different from other processed foods?

The nutritional value of a meal, regardless of how it’s prepared, is directly related to the variety of nutrients it provides within a person’s diet. Take instant macaroni for example. It can lack nutritional value because of low levels of vitamins and minerals, plus an excess amount of salt, cholesterol, and saturated fat. But instant macaroni isn’t inherently lacking in nutrition just because it’s easy-to-make instant macaroni — it’s lacking because it doesn’t have certain nutrients and has too many of others.

Soylent is engineered from the ground up to provide a variety of carbs, fats, and protein, alongside 26 vitamins and minerals.

Why do you use soy?

We chose soy protein isolate because of its bioavailability, meaning it’s easily absorbed by the digestive system according to the Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), which gauges how well certain proteins can be digested. Of the proteins tested, soy protein isolate scored the highest possible score of 1.0 — on par with milk, beef, and eggs. In addition to being the only plant-based protein to score this well, soy protein isolate has a smooth, consistent texture which creates the optimal flavor profile. During our testing, we found that alternative proteins lacked these benefits.

Below, we have listed some popular alternatives to soy and reasons we decided against them.

Whey, casein, and egg white — All three of these have a PDCAAS equal to soy protein isolate but have other drawbacks. These options are derived from animal products, so they typically use more resources to be produced than plant-based proteins.

Hemp — Hemp has a PDCAAS of only 0.65, meaning it is less bioavailable than soy. It also typically has a gritty texture, as well as an earthy and green taste.

Pea — Similar to hemp protein, pea protein has a lower than soy PDCAAS of 0.89. It also has a strong earthy flavor and a thicker, less smooth texture.

Rice — Rice protein has a PDCAAS of 0.90 and has a rough, silty, occasionally sandy feel due to the brown rice protein. Another major downside is the amount of heavy metals rice naturally picks up from the ground (e.g. arsenic), which can be a concern for meal replacements.

Please note that soy is not entirely hypoallergenic. A small percentage of the population is allergic to the various types of protein available on the market today, including soy protein isolate. We recommend that you check with your doctor to make sure you’re not allergic to soy before making Soylent a daily choice.

Why is Soylent made with GMOs?

We believe genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be a safe and economic option for food production. GMO crops can provide nutritious, sustainable, and efficient yields that will help in maximizing the land in which they are grown.

Many of the misconceptions and rumors around GMOs stem from a lack of awareness of current science and the historical context of our food system. GMOs cut down on food waste, time spent growing food, and the resources needed to grow the food in the first place. This means GMO crops are more sustainable and reliable than those that are organically grown.

For more detailed information, please read our blog post on the topic.

Why are carbohydrates important?

Carbohydrates are a fuel your body uses throughout the course of your day. Simple carbs are digested quickly and give quick boosts of energy, complex carbs are digested more slowly and provide more sustained energy, and fiber aids the body in digestion. Soylent has an engineered mix of these kinds of carbs to give you sustained energy that won’t result in an energy “spike” followed by a “crash.” After all, you’ve got stuff to do.

Why is there so much fat in Soylent?

Fat is a slow-burning, long-term source of energy that helps keep you satiated for longer. Soylent products contain sustainably-sourced canola and sunflower oils, which provide omega-3s and omega-6s, low saturated fat, and 0g of trans fat per serving. Because one of our goals is to keep you feeling full so you don’t snack or feel hungry between meals, while providing you with optimal taste, we have included a higher amount of fat in Soylent than some of the other meal-replacement drinks on the market. Our macronutrient mix (carbs / fat / protein) gives you short-term energy carbs to get you going, and long-term energy fats to keep you going.

Why do I need [insert specific vitamin/mineral]?

Each vitamin and mineral in Soylent has been identified as essential by the FDA for an average person’s diet. While each person’s dietary needs vary, vitamins and minerals assist the body in key functions and biological processes. Without those vitamins and minerals, the body may struggle in performing those processes.

That’s why we make sure each serving of Soylent provides 26 vitamins and minerals. For more information on the purpose or source of a specific vitamin or mineral, please email us at

Click here to learn more about micronutrients.

Why is there sucralose in Soylent?

We use this sweetener to optimize the flavor of each of our products and to provide a more cohesive taste profile. This allows for a neutral base for our Original flavors, and a good starting point for our flavored products. This also makes it easy to customize the flavor of your Soylent with fruits, berries, or other mixtures.

For more information on sucralose, please visit the FDA Safety Evaluation of Sucralose.

What kind of certifications does Soylent have?

At Soylent we have a comprehensive food safety and quality program that implements controls all the way from the supplier to the finished good. We only source ingredients from qualified suppliers and obtain certificates of analysis for rigorous physical, chemical, and microbiological criteria. Soylent products are manufactured at FDA-inspected, GFSI-certified facilities under a thorough food safety and quality program. Finished goods are subjected to additional microbiological testing before being released from the manufacturer and sent to our warehouses.

What is your approach to producing nutritious food?

Our goal is to engineer nutritious food products that are optimized for modern consumers’ lifestyles and budgets. To achieve this goal, we stringently screen and analyze everything that goes into our products. We isolate specific ingredients from multiple sources and combine them in our products. Every flavor, formula type, and vitamin is tested to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of our food.

When we created Soylent, we took an empirical approach. Meaning everything we’ve done has been consistently based on findings by the scientific community. Soylent is designed to include the essential macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats/lipids) and 26 micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) based on recommendations by the Institute of Medicine and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, and recommended daily dietary intakes vary based on several factors including gender, age, and activity level. Soylent recommends you consult publicly available databases, like the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Dietary Reference Intakes, or a professional such as a registered dietician to ensure you are consuming a well-balanced diet.

Where is Soylent made?

Soylent is manufactured in the United States.

I want to write about Soylent, whom do I contact?

Please email with press inquiries.

How do I log into my account?

Soylent accounts are available both for subscribers and customers who have placed one-time orders.

Good news! If you've purchased Soylent before, then you already have an account. Subscribers have the ability to manage their accounts, and single-order customers can view past orders and shipments.

Select the “profile” icon next to the shopping bag in the top right of your screen to sign in, then enter your email and password. If you’ve forgotten your login information, simply click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions. That’s it! Easy, right?

How do I change my shipping address?

One-Time Orders

You can edit your shipping address by going to your account settings and adjusting the information on the order. If the order is not editable in the account settings, please email with the email subject: Shipping Address Change Request.

Subscription Orders

To change your shipping address, sign into your account with the email you used to purchase the subscription. Next to “Address” click "Edit" and fill out the fields with your new address. Finally, click "Update" to save the changes.

As long as your order is not already being processed, an address change should be reflected immediately in your next shipment. If a shipment is en route, we’ll do our best to reroute the shipment to your updated address. Please contact our customer service team directly to let us know if you need an order rerouted.

Where can I buy Soylent?

Soylent is available for one-time purchases and subscription orders right here at Starting a subscription is the best way to ensure you never run out of Soylent, and also the best way to save a little money on your order!

You can also purchase Soylent from us online at,, and If you’re interested in trying a single bottle of Soylent, look for us in various retail locations. Visit our Store Locator to find a store carrying Soylent near you.

How can I ensure my order arrives before [insert date or holiday]?

To make sure your Soylent orders are delivered in time for a specific date, please order at least 5 business days in advance. While shipments generally arrive within a 5–10 day window, around holidays and certain shipping blackout dates it is best to provide yourself a buffer of 5 business days.

Can you rush ship my order?

At this time, we are unable to accommodate requests for expedited shipping on orders through our website.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship within the United States and Canada. We are actively working on shipping to other countries. For updates, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social.

Can I get Soylent in Canada?

Currently, Soylent is only available in the United States and Canada. If you are in another country and interested in Soylent, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date on when we may be available in your country.

Can I change or cancel my Soylent order?

Soylent is committed to processing all orders as quickly as possible to ensure timely deliveries. Once your order has been acknowledged by our fulfillment center, it cannot be updated or modified including cancellation.

To request a change, please email to speak with our Customer Care team. NOTE: The window to adjust an order is limited and accommodation cannot be guaranteed. We’ll do our best to assist you!


If you are an active subscriber, all edits or changes (including skips or cancellations) should be submitted no later than 11:59 PM (Pacific Time) 5 days prior to your next scheduled shipment so we can alert our fulfillment center.


We cannot process cancellations requested after the cut-off date unfortunately. You will be responsible for all charges incurred for orders that have already processed.

What is your Return Policy?

Soylent Nutrition, Inc. provides beverages, food products, and subscription services. Once an order has processed and shipped, it will be considered final sale and is not eligible for return/exchange.

- Refund requests will be considered for products that have arrived damaged or defective

- If the package was damaged in transit, please contact within 5 days of delivery

- We cannot accept responsibility for product that is used or tampered with after delivery  

Any intent to notify Soylent of a defective product must be completed within 14 days of delivery date. Please email and our Customer Care team will assist you with next steps.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will do our best to make it right. Any concern with a Soylent product purchased from a third-party reseller or retailer must be handled directly with the reseller or retailer where the original purchase was made and is subject to the return/exchange policy of that company.

All requests must be submitted under the original account e-mail address and include a valid order ID number.