Our Mission

To make complete, sustainable nutrition accessible, appealing, and affordable to all.

Mission Focused from Day One

When the founders of Soylent were living in Silicon Valley working as software engineers they were not only thinking about how to feed themselves, but they were also thinking about how to feed a growing population.  The democratization of nutrition was cornerstone to their product development. They wanted complete nutrition that was affordable and accessible to ALL, not just the elite. Soylent (our products and our name - based on the book, not the movie) was born out of the desire to make sure there were sustainable products being made to feed everyone!  The founders may not have used the words food justice, food insecurity, or hunger relief, but they knew they had a product that had many applications.  Beyond product, the founders also knew they wanted to create additional impact with some of the profits they were seeing.

From the beginning Rob Rhinehart and the founders of Soylent were focused on mission.

Giving Back

Giving back has been a part of the company since the beginning.  Soylent product has been donated to food bankspantrieshomeless shelters, and disaster relief organizations.  However, our giving back goes far beyond the donation of product.  We also provide financial support, volunteer hours, policy recommendations, working space, and many other resources to the non-profits we work with.

Soylent was donated to the Food 4 Thought Campus Pantry at Rhode Island College.

Soylent For Good

Over the years, Soylent has expanded our impact and philanthropic programs, developing what is now known as #SoylentForGood.  The #SoylentForGood program has made financial contributions to causes that work every day on the front lines of fighting food insecurity.  We know that our products go a long way in fighting hunger, but also that our dollars can support the work of non-profit experts and leaders who have been working on these issues for decades.  

Student Food Insecurity

There have been college students who have struggled to balance paying for tuition, housing, and meals for decades, but the problem is getting worse and quickly.  In 2018 this issue hit the Soylent radar, through research conducted by Dr. Sara Goldrick- Rab. The data in this report (the largest study of its kind) showed that 36% of university students and 42% of community college students were food insecure.  This is staggering and got our attention.  This is different than being a college student who skipped breakfast and finds their stomach growling in the library. Food insecurity is about the lack of resources to fill your physical hunger.  This is a much deeper and more systemic problem.  

We are working on this issue with three primary partners.  Swipe Out Hunger is our lead non-profit partner and they are working on democratizing dining hall meals on 82 campuses across the country.  We are also financially supporting the research and work of Dr. Goldrick-Rab and The Hope Center, and are lead sponsors of their #RealCollege convening.  Lastly, we understand that without policy change often system issues can not be addressed.  Because we believe in the power of democracy and policy shift we support the work that MAZON is doing to shift resources to support hungry students across the country.

Homeless Crisis

Soylent made the move from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles in 2014 and despite moving offices a couple of times to accommodate growth, the company has always been located in downtown Los Angeles.  DTLA is known for a lot of things- one being Skid Row -a 50- block (0.4 square mile) area known as the “Homeless Capital of the US.”  This small area houses more than 2,500 homeless residents. These residents are Soylent’s neighbors and since moving to LA we have worked to support the people who are living in this part of town.

We do this in a variety of ways, but primarily focus on providing financial and volunteer support to two incredible organizations - The Midnight Mission and The Wayfarer Foundation’s Skid Row Carnival of Love.

Global Malnutrition

Since the inception of #SoylentForGood, each year different areas of impact are selected.  Our first official partnership was formed with World Food Program USA.   Soylent knows that malnutrition is a global crisis and we wanted to financially support an organization that had international bandwidth and the ability to create an impact on a large scale.  In 2017 and 2018, we worked with WFP USA to fund their Innovation Accelerator.  This was an opportunity for Soylent to do what it does best and help other entrepreneurs grow their ideas into solutions for the global food ecosystem of the future.

WFP’s Innovation Accelerator and Soylent brought new technology to Refugee camps in the Sahara to help refugees produce their own food through Hydroponics.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are active members of the Los Angeles tech community and we understand that our region and industry faces no shortage of pressing challenges.  As tech leaders we have joined PledgeLA in a commitment to transforming Los Angeles into the most civically engaged and diverse tech hub in the nation.

Let’s work together.

If you’re connected with a non-profit organization that works on any of our focus areas and you’d like to partner with us, please email our team at good@soylent.com. And if you aren’t connected with an organization, but have a great idea for making an impact, please email us as well!

Follow the tag #SoylentForGood on social and see what we’re up to. Together we can make a change!

We’re proud to work with companies like Soylent and support their efforts to make our city the most engaged tech community in the nation. We know that companies with a conscience can make a profit and make a difference.

- PledgeLA

We are proud of our partnership with Soylent. They have not only helped us fiscally and with their in-kind gift donations of products, but they assist us on the front line by volunteering in our kitchen and helping us with our events.

- Christopher Doyle l Chief Development Officer - Midnight Mission

Our partnership with Soylent helps us bring attention to the food insecurity that many students struggle with and extend the search for solutions. For two years Soylent has helped the Hope Center host our annual #RealCollege conference, and even provided product for conference participants.

- Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, Founder, The Hope Center