Soylent For Good Giving Report 2020

At Soylent our mission is to make complete, sustainable nutrition accessible, appealing and affordable to all.

This mission is not just a statement that lives in writing; it is at the heart of our business, our employees and all that we do.

Through our science-based innovation, we make products that are complete, sustainable and appealing.  Through our simplified supply chain, we are able to make those same products affordable and accessible to many.  But, in order to fulfill our mission of making nutrition accessible and affordable to all we leverage our Soylent For Good programs.

Over the years our Soylent For Good programs have evolved and grown in both scale and impact, but we will always keep the fight against food insecurity at the center of our charitable programming.

Soylent for Good Giving in 2020
By the Numbers
Soylent for Good 2020


In a year when so many families and individuals have struggled and when lines at food banks have been longer than ever, we made the decision to ramp up our Soylent For Good efforts. We worked alongside both charitable and retail partners to build synergy and amplify our impact.  We felt that it was our responsibility to do what we could to help those in need whenever we had an opportunity to do so.

In addition to the donations that we made to food banks across the country, we also wanted to look closer to home and support an incredible organization that serves the homeless community near our head office in Los Angeles, The Midnight Mission. They provide meals, housing and programming for residents of the Skid Row neighbourhood.  We were able to not only donate meals to their food program but also provided an entire suite of office furniture, supplies and resources to support their staff who work tirelessly to deliver innovative programs to the people they serve.

Because we know so many front-line workers use our products when they can’t take breaks or don’t have time for sit-down lunch, we also worked with hospitals across the country to donate pallets of product to their staff in support of their incredible work. Our ready-to-drink shakes arrived and were distributed directly to front-line staff who could have a quick meal while they worked tirelessly to keep their patients safe and healthy!

The Amazing ER staff at Johns Hopkins enjoying Soylent!

The Amazing ER staff at Johns Hopkins enjoying Soylent!

Thank you!

I wanted to personally thank you, our consumers because if it was not for your support and your purchases we would not be able to have this incredible impact.  Because of you, millions of families have additional support and nourishment this year.  We are only able to do this because of you!  Thank you.

Incredible Partners

We would also not be able to turn our dollars and product into this kind of impact without our incredible partners.   

This year we worked closely with Walmart and their Fight Hunger, Spark Change program which allowed donations to local food banks for every Soylent product sold in their stores around the country.  

We also were able to work with Target to donate Soylent products in partnership with their community impact team.  These meals went directly to food banks as well.

Last, but definitely not least, our hunger relief and food banks partners are on the front lines of the hunger crisis and they work tirelessly to make sure the country has a strong safety net for all who need it. Feeding America is the nation’s network of Food Banks and they have helped us turn dollars into meals and get them directly to the communities where they are most needed.

Soylent Charitable Partners


It is my honour and privilege to lead a company that not only makes great products but also remains firmly focused on supporting our communities and those in need. We are honoured to have been able to do so in a year when so many experienced such immense pain. We, at Soylent, are committed to remaining mission-focused and when we see ways we can help we will continue to get involved, give back and do all that we can to improve nutrition and fight food insecurity.

Demir Vangelov