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Got questions? We have answers.

How much do I save by subscribing to the Ready-to-Drink Bundle?
We know life can get expensive, so we want to help you get the most savings on Soylent Meal Replacement Shakes. You’ll save between $5 and $15 (depending on the quantity you select) when choosing to bundle your subscription versus subscribing to individual flavours.

You’ll save even more if you normally make one-time purchases!
Can I subscribe to multiple Ready-to-Drink Bundles under one subscription?
Yes you can! Building your bundle provides personalization and flexibility, so you’ll be able to subscribe to the bundles and Meal Replacement Shakes you want.

If you’d like multiple quantities of the same bundle, you’ll need to select your bundle count and desired flavours, then you’ll be able to adjust the total number of bundles in your cart before completing your order.

You can also subscribe to a variety of bundle options. Want to add a 24-count bundle to your 48-count bundle? We got you! You’ll need to add each bundle to your cart before completing your order.
How do I make changes to my bundle?
From your account dashboard menu, click on “Manage subscriptions” and then select your Ready-to-Drink Bundle. You’ll see the option to update your contents and can swap flavours, adjust your bundle count, or change your frequency. Just click save when you’re done and you’re all set!

If you decide you no longer want the Ready-to-Drink Bundle, you’ll also see the option to cancel your membership or swap it for a different subscription option.