Soylent Drink Chocolate - Prepaid 3 Month

You will love the rich and creamy chocolatey goodness of our best selling nutrient-packed complete meal. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or anytime you need a nutritious meal that's delicious.
Soylent Drink Chocolate - Prepaid 3 Month

we hacked food.

Sustained Energy & Satiety
The perfect balance of Micros and Macros
Strength & Muscle Health
Complete Plant-Based Protein
Heart Health
Healthy fats containing Omega-3 + Omega-6
Immune System Support
Plant-Based Protein + Vitamins A, C, E + Zinc
Potassium + Magnesium
Vitamin B + Choline + Slow Burning Carbs

A Complete Meal in a Bottle! Nutritious, Delicious and Sustainable.

Plant-Based Protein
Vitamins & Minerals
Slow Burning Carbs
Healthy Fats

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